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Watch: Biden’s Inappropriate Touch on Black Man Caught on Camera – Controversial Interaction Will Give You Creeps and Shudders

There’s a fallout from both sides of the aisle after the president’s debate performance. On Tuesday, Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett became the first House Democrat to call on Biden to step down from the Democratic ticket.

The first postdebate polls have also painted a negative picture for Biden. A CNN poll released Tuesday found that 75 percent of registered voters said that Democrats had a better chance of beating Trump with someone else as their candidate.

What did Joe Biden did?

A recent video has surfaced online showing President Joe Biden in an awkward and controversial interaction. The footage captures Biden placing his hand on a black man’s shoulder and appearing to touch him in a way that many have found inappropriate. The incident, which occurred at a public event, has quickly gone viral, sparking a heated debate across social media platforms.

Critics argue that Biden’s actions were intrusive and disrespectful, especially given the context of the interaction. Supporters, however, suggest that the moment was taken out of context and emphasize Biden’s history of being tactile and expressive in his gestures.

Video below:

That gives me the creeps and shudders. Good God Almighty put this guy out to pasture. We are all full up in this country on weird and eerie behavior on the part of the President. Enough already.

This latest incident adds to a series of similar controversies that have plagued Biden throughout his career. As the video continues to circulate, it raises questions about personal boundaries and the appropriateness of physical contact, particularly in public and professional settings. The debate over Biden’s behavior is likely to persist, fueling further discussions about conduct and decorum in political life.

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