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Video: SWAT Serve A Warrant On The Wrong Person – Kill Him As He Tries To Figure Out If He’s Victim Of A Home Invasion

A 19-year-old man who was fatally shot by Metro Police in the southeast valley Monday had no connection to a murder police were investigating when they entered an apartment to serve a search warrant, police said today at a briefing.

Assistant Sheriff Andrew Walsh said Isaiah Tyree Williams, 19, was shot by officers several times as they tried to serve a search warrant related to a November 2021 homicide. Two officers were injured in the exchange.

Police announced their presence by yelling “police department, search warrant” multiple times at about 5 a.m. before entering the apartment in the 3000 block of South Nellis Boulevard, Walsh said.

SWAT officers first broke a window at the apartment and used “loud distracts” while announcing the warrant. Simultaneously, other SWAT members were using a battering ram to gain entry through the front door.

After police made their way in, Williams — who was lying on a couch just right of the front door — immediately opened fire and struck officer Kerry Kubla, 50, “several” times, Walsh said. He was not specific on how many times Kubla was shot.

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Four other officers returned fire until Williams stopped shooting. The 19-year-old Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man police were looking for, 23-year-old Wattsel Rembert, was arrested Wednesday, according to Metro police. He is accused in a Nov. 18 shooting at a casino in the 5000 block of S. Boulder Highway.

Metro has released a full list of the names of the SWAT officers involved in the shooting and is listed below.

Officer Brice Clements, 36, who has been employed with LVMPD since 2009
Officer Alex Gonzales, 39, who has been employed with LVMPD since 2006
Officer James Rothenburg, 39, who has been employed with LVMPD since 2008
Sgt. Russell Backman, 46, who has been employed with LVMPD since 1999
Officer Kerry Kubla, 50 who has been employed with LVMPD since 2008

Police released some details of Rembert’s arrest later Thursday afternoon at the news conference.

Rembert is accused of shooting a man during an argument at a bus stop on Boulder Highway.

Apparently, they woke him up with a flashbang

The no-knock raid is an unconscionable violation of innocent until proven guilty, the right to face your accuser and the right to life.

If the government can’t stay within the Bill of Rights, they just shouldn’t do a thing.

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