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16-Year Old Stages a Robbery, Gets Shot During the Robbery, Is Labeled A Victim And Family Gets $40k in Donations (Videos)

The death of a 16-year-old Burger King employee in Milwaukee earlier this month was the result of a botched plan for a “staged” armed robbery, according to authorities.

Arrested in the case is suspect Antoine Edwards, 41, who has been charged with felony murder, among other offenses, and his 16-year-old daughter, who was a co-worker of the girl who died, reports said.

Edwards allegedly coordinated the plan with his daughter and the victim, Niesha Harris-Brazell, to rob the Burger King where the girls worked on Jan. 2, FOX 6 of Milwaukee reported.

Niesha Harris-Brazell was working the drive-thru window on the night of January 2, when a black Chevy Impala drove up and the driver demanded cash.

The driver leaned through the restaurant window, pointed a gun at Niesha and ordered her to hurry up.

As Niesha turned to get the money from the cash register, she signaled to her co-workers for help.

One of those employees, Derrick D. Ellis, 34, produced a handgun and fired twice at the robber who slid down into the driver’s seat and sped off empty-handed.

Niesha fell to the floor and told her co-workers she was shot. She was rushed to a hospital and later pronounced dead.

Video below:

Another short video from the shooting below:

Photos below:

A suspect who police claim is Antoine Edwards, 41, leans through a Burger King drive-thru window in Milwaukee, Jan. 2. (Milwaukee Police)
He had reportedly knocked on the drive-thru window a few minutes earlier and spoke to a young male worker, before coming back around three minutes later

The criminal complaint said “it does not appear” Edwards shot the victim as “there is no muzzle flash or smoke, no cartridge casing is ejected, and there is no motion consistent with the recoil of a gun.”

Ellis then fled the scene and Milwaukee police were still searching for him Friday.

Edwards’ daughter spoke with police, confirming the Burger King robbery was staged, FOX 6 reported.

Meanwhile, Niesha’s family created a GoFundMe account to raise $5,000 for her funeral expenses. The account collected over $40,000 before it was shut down by GoFundMe after the case took a bizarre twist.

Fundraisers were set up for Harris-Brazell (pictured) in the aftermath of the shooting

According to court documents, investigators say Edwards is the father of Burger King employee Mariah Edwards who was working with Niesha at the time of the robbery.

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