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Video: This Is Intense – AOC Humiliated At Almost Empty Townhall On Her Home Turf, Her Reaction Speaks Volumes

This was Ocasio-Cortez’s Wednesday town hall in the Bronx — her home turf.

You’d think the hall would be packed. Flowers are being thrown at the lectern. Joyous cheers. Dancing in the aisles.

Tina Forte, a Republican and Marine Corps veteran who’s challenging AOC in the 14th District, published a Twitter post on Wednesday showing just how little interest Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents had in a town hall meeting the same evening.

“AOC is having a Town Hall right now in the Bronx. Barely any supporters have shown up to hear from her,” Forte wrote in another Twitter post. “Most of the people in the room support me, not her.”

“So, I’m looking out for you all,” AOC said in one of the clips. Which is pretty easy, considering there weren’t too many of “you all” in attendance.

Will Forte oust AOC? There’s no polling data on the district for this cycle, and for good reason. While nothing is impossible, Pelosi’s point about the glass of water with a “D” was well made. I’d put Forte’s chances on par with the Libertarian Party taking control of the Senate.

But the reaction from some of her former voters seems to tell us that an upset could happen!

They verbally confronted AOC for her hypocrisy & for being a “liar” by voting to “send arms to Nazis in Ukraine”
Her response was “you’re being rude”, maybe she got this kind of answer and rhetoric from her chief Pelosi!

Watch the tense video below:

Hilarious and so true. The “squad” that came into Congress as so-called progressive outsiders have fully bent the knee to Nancy Pelosi and the military industrial complex.

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