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Screenshot: Leaked FBI Email Shows Government Now Requiring Firearm Retailers To Provide Home Addresses Of Customers And This Could Allow The Feds To Implement Unconstitutional Power Grab

After the recent abuse of power by the FBI, gun owners have every reason in the world to be distrustful of the federal government.

The same FBI that just raided the home of the White House’s political opponent now wants to “review” gun permit records of private citizens.

During a Senate hearing this week, the FBI Director refused to answer questions as to why the FBI wants to collect sensitive information on concealed carry permit holders.

Federal agencies like the FBI and the ATF that are waging war on your constitutional rights MUST be stopped.

Every time you buy a gun, you have to pass your info through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) before you can take home your new little boating accident.

Here are the deets from a reportedly leaked email:

Collection of Buyer’s Address — The NICS Denial Notification Act of 2022 requires the FBI’s NICS Section to notify state, local, or tribal law enforcement of all FBI NICS denied transactions within 24 hours. The FBI must provide notification to law enforcement based upon the location of the FFL and if different, the purchaser’s address. To support the determination of what local agency should receive the notification, FFLs will be required to provide the buyer’s complete address to NICS as recorded on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 when transactions are denied or delayed. The address information will be required before the status can be provided or retrieved either by the NICS contracted call center or via the NICS E-Check.

More from Gun Owners of America:

This change would require that an investigation be launched into every background check denial, even though nine times out of 10, the NICS system has falsely denied law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights.

This is a significant change to the system, as, before the passage of the NICS denial notification act, dealers were only required to provide the state of residence of a customer. Now they will have to provide the transferee’s full address after the NICS system processes the background check in the event of a delay or denial.

Imagine what you could do by tweaking the system just a little bit to, say, purposely fail random citizens on a background check to give the ATF an excuse to kick down their door and shoot their dog.
In theory, it could easily allow the federal government to create a database on gun owners that gives them a valid excuses to randomly search people’s property.

The FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s Florida home came as little surprise to the gun rights community. After all, the Department of Justice was weaponized against us the second the current occupants of the White House began measuring the drapes. Their agents have been running and gunning without any adult supervision ever since. So, it was only a matter of time before they became emboldened enough to raid a former President’s home – armed with weapons of war, no less.

To be clear, in the pre-Biden years when we actually had civil rights, if a federal law enforcement agency sought documents for an inquiry – like they wanted from President Trump – they would issue a subpoena, not a search warrant. That’s the way the DOJ worked before it was hired out as muscle for the DNC. Nowadays, if they’re investigating a Republican – even a former president – they send teams of armed agents instead of a fax.


America’s lawful gun owners have grown accustomed to civil rights abuses from the so-called Justice Department. We’ve been documenting their misdeeds since Joe Biden took his oath of office, which he seemingly violates nearly every day.

A few examples . . .

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