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Video: Wannabe Robber Pulls Fake Gun On Liquor Store Owner, Owner Had A Real Gun In Return

A surveillance video captured the moment a liquor store owner in Orange County turned the tables on a suspect who attempted to rob the store.

The incident happened Wednesday night at Cousins Liquor on Harbor Boulevard, according to the Fountain Valley Police Department.

The owner, Jacko Sadek, was behind the counter when a man dressed in black came up with what looked like a gun and demanded money.

That’s when Sadek said he noticed the gun didn’t look real – so he pulled his own gun out.

“It looks like a kid and the gun looks so fake… like a plastic toy. At that time, I pulled my gun… and he just ran away,” he said.

The would-be robber took off and ran to the back alley where a car was waiting, police said.

Video below:


The store’s owner says he was able to remain calm because two years ago he was robbed at gunpoint as well.

In another case in Texas, there was even more justice!

Houston police believe that two of the three people killed outside of a family-owned convenience store were trying to rob the owner in a “jugging” incident.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday when the owner of Ruiz Cash & Carry convenience store in Houston’s East End went to the bank and came back to the business, where he was attacked.

He was hit in the back of the head with a blunt object, and he turned to see masked men wearing gloves attacking him. He fired at them with his firearm, and an employee in the store who heard the commotion also fired at the suspects.

Both of the suspects died at the scene.

A third suspect was caught on video driving away from the attack in a newer model black Lincoln Navigator with Texas license plate RTS-3919.

Video below:

Texas justice!