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Videos: Biden Creates A National Security Risk By Mixing Up Countries On The World Stage – Gets Confused Trying To Find His Way Off the Stage

Joe Biden is supposed to be in charge, yet he doesn’t seem to understand what he’s even doing from moment to moment.

Today he pushed yet another claim that has no basis in reality, he said that our inflation rate is lower than other nations in the world”

Video below:

And Joe Biden blamed the US Supreme Court:

Once again, Biden doesn’t even have any idea of the truth.

His team has been trying to sell us all kinds of things that aren’t true – from blaming Vladimir Putin for the rise in gas prices (which have been going up since the election, long before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine) to trying to spin inflation numbers that just keep going up and up.

Video below:

But mixing up allies is national security threat to our country:

Their answer to the crushing inflation numbers has been to cheerlead even more spending, and to blame companies for price gouging, just like they are doing now with the rise in gas prices. Nothing is ever their fault, and they never have an answer for any of the issues–indeed, they’ve made the issues worse. You know that the number that’s going to come in later this week must be awful if – after months of being wrong about their predictions – they’re finally predicting it’s going to come in high.

But they are completely lost, both literally and figuratively. We keep saying that Biden’s condition is concerning, but it just keeps getting worse. Here’s Biden today, seemingly lost trying to find his way off the stage; he doesn’t even know where he’s going.

Video below:

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