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Videos: Bidenomics? Full List of Brands and Restaurant Chains Announcing Closures in 2024

Many restaurants are struggling to stay afloat during Biden’s presisdency. Meanwhile, others have been forced to completely shut down.

Within the restaurant industry, several major chains have faced their fair share of financial issues.
New list of restaurants closing in 2024:

With this in mind, your favorite restaurant chain may look a little bit different in the coming months—or it could be gone for good. From sit-down restaurants to fast-casual eateries everyone is affected from Bidenomics.

Rising costs are hitting commercial stores just as hard as consumers themselves. This has led to several major companies to close storefronts this year.

The brands that announced store closures in 2024. Is this Bidenomics?? Nothing to see here…

Ah, but you see, the stock market was recently at 6 million billion trillion points! And that’s all that matters.

Bidenflation is just a conspiracy right?

Dr. Phil breaks down the nightmare that is Bidenomics.

All that, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else that is called Bidenomics!

This plan to eliminate small and medium sized business has been a long time coming. It’s much easier to control a small amount of large companies, and poor people.

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