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Watch: California Trump Supporter Pummeled in the Head With Soda Can ‘Full of Bong Water’ (Video)

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Ben Bergquam and other Trump supporters were rallying for President Trump on the streets of Temecula, California on Saturday.

On a video recording, as people were cheering and waving flags and as Bergquam was speaking he was pummeled in the back of the head with something.

It turned out to be a can full of something that smelled like bong water.

Watch the video:

In the video begins with one of the group members saying, ““We drive all around town with these flags. We get a lot of positive feedback.”

Bergquam then said, “You know it’s funny, people think of California as all crazy liberals that have lost their minds—” and at that moment he got hit in the back of the head with an object.

“Well, there’s one of them right there!” Bergquam said.

Bergquam continued, “So a guy just threw a soda can at me and hit me in the back of the head.”

The camera then follows Bergquam back to the evidence laying on the sidewalk.

“This is the left there, guys, perfect example of the left, right there, full soda can,” he continued.

“That’s not soda,” a woman said in the background.

Bergquam asked a bystander to hold his flag while he picked up the can and smelled it. Then he said, “No, it’s like bong water. It’s a bunch of bong water.”

“This is how pathetic these guys are, guys. So this guy just came by, had this bong water in his car—” Bergquam said as someone added, “Threw it at kids.” Bergquam reiterate, “Threw it at kids—these guys out here.”

Bergman then said he was inviting the “punk” in the car to come back.

“This is the kind of disrespect we have in our country,” Bergquam said. “You know what thought? It doesn’t stop us. It only gives us courage to keep going. That’s it. When they curse we bless.”

Bergquam said, in reference to the “punk,” that he was keeping the soda can to remind himself how “pathetic” the left is.

“This is what the left has become. A perfect illustration: an empty can full of bong water. It’s pathetic.” he said.

The video then shows the car that threw the soda can at Bergquam.

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