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Watch-Democratic Presidential Candidate: Expand Social Security to Illegal Immigrants

The Democrats can’t win without illegal votes. They’re also want to change the rules to stack the Supreme Court and abolish the Electoral College.

We all know that almost every Presidential candidate that comes from the Democratic party wows to help illegals more than they want to help it’s own American people!

During a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa, presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said illegal immigrants in America should be allowed to receive social security benefits, along with a pathway to citizenship.

“First, we need comprehensive immigration reform,” the New York senator stated.

“If you are in this country now you must have the right to pay into Social Security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and to have a pathway to citizenship. That must happen,” Gillibrand said.


That’s it lets give illegals more freebies. Social Security, health care, college, housing, food stamps, sanctuary statues, affirmative action, while our retired struggle to live at a below standard of living after working their whole life paying taxes giving to their communities while their retirement accounts are being decimated by corporate greed. All for the American dream.

I say no amnesty, no documented status, no deals, no staying. No illegal deserves to stay here when millions have come legally. They all need to be deported and can get in the back of the line from their home countries. 95% wouldn’t qualify to return.

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