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Jim Acosta Smile While Puerto Rican Governor Threatens Violence Against President Trump (Video)

Jim Acosta doesn’t try to hide the fact that he hates President Trump and has gone as far as physically assaulting a female White House staff member and getting himself banned from White House press meetings.

Recently is was revealed in an interview with Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello that Acosta’s hate goes disturbingly deeper than what he has revealed up until now.

In the interview, Rossello said, in reference to President Trump, “If the bully gets close, I’ll punch the bully in the mouth. It would be a mistake to confuse courtesy with courage.”

Acosta just sit there and listened to Rossello threaten to punch the President of the United States in the face. Then Acosta smiled and said, “Just like that?”

Watch the clip:

The fact that CNN aired this and have no problems with their White House correspondent to encourage threats like this very revealing.

The Trump administration sent Puerto Rico a boatload of aid and supplies and they hid the supplies, never distributed them and claimed that the Trump administration did nothing. They hurt their own people to complain about Trump for a political agenda.

Now their Governor is threatening violence against the President and CNN is giving him a platform to do it. Sick!

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