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Watch: Maxine Waters – Head of Banking Committee – Asks Bankers About Student Loans, Has NO CLUE That The Government Took Over The Program Nine Years Ago

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Today Maxine Water who chairperson on the banking committee gave us another proof that she is not fit to hold any kind of public job anymore!

During her questioning, Maxine Water asked the bankers about what they were doing to help those suffering from d student loan debt.

The bankers quickly reminded the Banking Committee Chairperson that the government took over the program in 2010.

Watch the funny moment below:

This would have been funny if she was a politician in some third world country but she is a distinguished politician in the United States!

You can tell in the video that all of the bankers are just quietly laughing at her stupidity.

The problem with Maxine is that she’s too dumb to even be embarrassed about it.

I honestly don’t know why these bankers would even show up and be abused by her.

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