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Video: Student Abortionist Says Baby That Is Alive Outside of the Mother’s Womb Is Not a Baby

Abortionists have no scientific proof that a living human inside the womb of their mother is any different than a living human outside the womb of their mother.

They create their on rules on what is a human life is and what a human life isn’t and then declare their rules are absolute truth.

For example, although you and I are alive as long as we have a heartbeat, abortionists have declared that those rules do not apply in the womb. Therefore if a baby has a heartbeat, it is not a living human being because it depends on the mother to sustain life.

If you point out to them that a baby still needs it’s mother to sustain life outside of the womb, they will just move the goal post some more and create more rules.

Now abortionists have come up with a new claim that they don’t even try to back up with any scientific claims at all.

At a recent pro-life event at Boston College, a student abortionist was asked whether she believed a baby born alive following a failed abortion should be give medical care, by Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins .

The abortionist replied, “No.”

“So, do you think it’s a baby?” Hawkins asked, referencing a child who is born alive and breathing following a botched abortion attempt.

The abortionist again replied, “No,”

What is really incredible about her replies is that Hawkins had just previously asked the abortionist is she believes illegal immigrant’s babies deserved medical care to keep them alive.

To that question, the abortionist replied “Yes.”

So it really comes down to preferences and opinions with abortionists. At the end of the day, they just want to abort babies out of convenience or it’s an issue they use for political posturing.

Check out the rest of what the abortionist had to say:

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