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Video: Sixth-Grader Was Not Allowed to Use Trump as Her Hero for School Project, Teacher Suggested Obama Instead


A New York mother claims that her 11-year-old daughter was not allowed to use President Trump as her hero for a class assignment.

Bella Moscato, a sixth-grader at the Samoset Middle School in Ronkonkoma, chose Trump as her choice for the hero project at school. But her teacher told her to pick another hero and said Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women” in front of another teacher and the class, News 12 Long Island reported.

“Donald Trump is my hero,” she told News 12.

Unfortunately, Bella’s teacher immediately shut down the idea, claiming Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women.” To make matters worse, Bella’s teacher allegedly chided the idea in front of Bella’s classmates.

While the teacher said Trump was not an acceptable “hero,” Bella told News 12 her teacher specifically stated that former President Barack Obama would be acceptable.

“That’s what got me angry — I didn’t like that,” she said.

Valerie Moscato, Bella’s mother, was outraged and told the news outlet that what the teacher did amounts to intimidation and censorship.

“This was really frustrating to me because, you know, my daughter has every right to pick a hero of her choice. It’s first amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. So it was really upsetting to me that she was trying to shut her down,” she said.

In a document about the class assignment obtained by News 12 Long Island, Bella explained why she chose Trump as her hero when answering the question of “What positive contribution has this person made to society?”

“Donald Trump has helped millions of people by creating a great economy. He is fighting every day to protect the people from drugs crossing the border,” she wrote.

The father also reacted:
“My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe anybody at the school would tell my daughter that that guy can’t be her hero,” Arthur Moscato said at the board meeting. “I’m incensed by this.”


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    • Just fired for extremely poor judgement and questionable skills in basic reasoning should be sufficient. Not everything is abuse.

  1. time for a law suit big time. hopefully she gets seriously disciplined by the school. time to relearn what it means to be an American: freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of conscience etc.

  2. It’s exactly what any Soviet teacher would recommend (thanks to that kind of teachers the good old USA looks more and more like some horrible USSR resurrected)

  3. I’m not particularly fond of some of the orange buffoons asinine comments & pathological lying but the problem is SJW democrap marxist maggots are ABHORRENT. Democraps care more about flooding the country w/ illegal aliens & 3rd world dregs then US citizens. So I’ll take Trump & his policies over the progressive totalitarian leftist loons in a NY minute.

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