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When Did ICE Raids Begin?


by Daveda Gruber:

Raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that were scheduled to begin on Sunday may have begun on Saturday in New York City.

The ICE raids in New York City took place in parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan late on Saturday and continued into the wee hours of Sunday morning according to New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The Democratic mayor is against the raids and inevitable deportations or imprisonment has said his city would not cooperate with ICE.

The mayor took to Twitter and tweeted this:

The ‘fake news’ media may have been citing the story as “raids on undocumented immigrants” but ICE has other ideas about their intentions. They have been firm in that their intentions are to target those already known to be criminals with criminal arrest records or have been put on a list as having not reported for hearings that were set in place.

Illegal immigrants are being coached on their rights, including instructions not to respond if agents knock on the door unless shown a warrant signed by a judge.

Illegal immigrants in major cities all over the U.S. are being coached on how to respond.

Here is a video from XPIX CBS San Fransico Bay Area:

The acting of Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan said, “This is about the rule of law,” Morgan said. “Those individuals who remain here illegally, especially those who’ve received due process more than any other nation in the world would provide someone that came here illegally, to including those with final orders, that there are consequences to those that remain here illegally. That’s what today is about. ”

Ten cities are being targeted but authorities will go where their investigations lead, even if it’s five states away from where the case is filed.

President Trump said, “It starts on Sunday and they’re going to take people out and they’re going to bring them back to their countries or they’re going to take criminals out, put them in prison, or put them in prison in the countries they came from.”

My own views tend to fall on the side of our president and ICE. Illegal means what it says; it is against the law.

If a person is not guilty of breaking the law of the land, they have nothing to fear from those enforcing the law. On the other hand, there are quite a few people living in this country, who are worried.

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  1. I want to hear/see,”Illegals” removed from America and if they try to re-enter illegally…shot…PERIOD !
    If they are so determined to come to America…why are they doing it illegally, because the liberal left Democrats want it to happen and even to the degree of helping them with no regard for their welfare…why are we letting it happen???
    It is disgusting to see our Congress in such a fiasco over what should be done!
    Build the Wall/Fence; Fix our immigration laws, where loopholes are gone !
    Do away with Birthright/Daca !
    The Democrats are beyond delusional…they denounced God, they want Open Borders with no regard for America’s Security; they want more $$$ and Power; they want to dis-arm us so they will have complete control over ALL THE PEOPLE !
    With all that said…who in their right mind would vote for a Democrat???

  2. It started way back>>>Norman Thomas….1944 “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    Also see>>> The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals
    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963; below is a few of the goals that the (D)’s are in favor of…

    11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a ( one-world government with its own independent armed forces. )

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
    They now have control over the new Socialist Democratic Party.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations.

    On June 17, 1963 the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that any Bible reciting or prayer, in public schools, was deemed unconstitutional.
    They now have in some schools…ISLAM being taught??? That in itself should scare the hell out of you !

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
    Remember Obama’s Open Transgender Bathroom Policy!

    AMERICAN’S…VOTE IN 2020!!!

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