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Woman Caught on Camera Defacing Trump Campaign Sign – Gets Stuck Trying to Escape

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Last week a Georgia women decided she didn’t like the President Donald Trump reelection sign on George Bentley’s property.

The woman, Azaria Moore, drove her care though Bentley’s barbed wire fence and proceeded to vandalize his “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” sign.

Moore could not get her car back out through the fence, so she left the car there. This allowed the police to identify her from her license plates.

Moore was charged with criminal trespass and failure to report a crash. She could face up to 5 years in prison.

Watch the video:

WSB-TV Atlanta reported:

A young woman has been charged after police said she vandalized a Cobb County man’s Donald Trump reelection sign.

George Bentley showed Channel 2’s Matt Johnson how he took a lot of precautions to protect his property and the sign, including putting up a barbed wire fence.

“It’s a free country, and we love America, and we’re happy with the guy that’s in there now,” Bentley said.

That’s why he says he placed a Trump 2020 sign on display along his property that overlooks North Marietta Parkway. “We want him to be elected again in 2020, and we wanted to give our support for him,” Bentley said.

He told Johnson that he can’t think of one good reason for anyone to trespass and vandalize his sign.

“It really irritates me. I believe people should be able to protest, but not on my property, you know?” Bentley said.

Bentley’s security cameras captured a car driving through the barbed wire fence and then knocking over a bright-colored cube around 1 a.m. Monday.

The video then shows a woman standing in front of the camera to spray-paint the Trump sign. Bentley and his girlfriend, Dee Corson, discovered what happened when they woke up later in the day.

“That’s pretty strong for it to bother you something like this,” Corson said.

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