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Woman Convicted for Falsely Accusing 15 Men of Rape Gets Appeal Denied

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British lesbian, Jemma Beal, falsely claimed she was sexually assaulted by six men and raped by nine others over the space of three years.

She was eventually convicted and given a 10 year prison sentence in 2017 for making the false claims that sent 3 men to prison.

Beal’s lawyer appealed the courts decision based on what her lawyer claimed was failure of the trail judge to give the jury directions about the “danger of assumptions, myths and stereotypes” relating to victims of sexual offences.

Beal’s lawyer also argued that the loss of Beal’s anonymity led to intense media scrutiny, causing prejudice to Beale’s defence.

Mahad Cassim, one of the men Beale accused of rape in 2010, was jailed for seven years after being tried twice.

Britain’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority awarded Beal £11,000 for the Cassim case. The court heard that Beale told a former girlfriend she had lied to get the money.

In July 2012, Beal claimed she was groped inside a pub by Noam Shazad and then gang-raped by a group of men that included Shazad.

In September of 2013, Beale reported she had been sexually assaulted by two men. Neither of them were ever identified.

Then Beal claimed she had been gang-raped at knife point by four men in Nov. 2013.

During her trial in 2017, Beal had told the court that she was a lesbian and would never have consensual sex with a male. When prosecutors suggested she had consensual sex with a man in a garage, Beal stormed out of the courtroom.
Prosecutors also told the jury that injuries Beale had allegedly sustained during a gang-rape were self-inflicted.

In a 2017 interview with a The Sun, Beale’s ex-girlfriend, Anuska Pritchard said, “I felt physically sick, totally disgusted. I had nursed Jemma through her ‘ordeal’ supported her, cradled her in my arms while she wept and it had all been a lie.”

“Jemma had been giving Cassim the ‘evils’ while he sat in the dock. She was delighted when he got found guilty,” Pritchard said. “Yet now she was gloating, telling me ‘I made it all up, I did it for the money!”

Pritchard’s mother told The Sun that she’d discovered Facebook posts where Beal said  she was “basically ‘bragging’ that she’d been raped.”

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