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Allie Long, Megan Rapinoe Drop American Flag During World Cup Celebration, One Of Their Teammates Rushed Forward To Grab The Flag (VIDEO)

Following their repeat World Cup win in Lyon, France, the team was celebrating on the field and posing for photos when Long dropped the flag she was holding. She and Rapinoe then stepped forward, leaving the flag underfoot. They continued to pose for the cameras as one of their teammates rushed forward to grab the flag.

Watch the video below:

Fox News reported that Kelley O’Hara, who was knocked out of the match with concussion-like symptoms, was praised, however, for running in and picking the flag up soon after it had been dropped.

O’Hara’s first professional team, the WPS’s FC Gold Pride based out of Santa Clara, CA, won the league championship and then folded. Picked up by the Boston Breakers, O’Hara scored ten goals in two seasons playing as an outside mid. In January 2012, the Georgia native announced that she’d be going home to play for the Atlanta Beat—but then the entire league folded. When the NWSL began, O’Hara spent four seasons with New Jersey’s Sky Blue before landing with Utah Royals FC. While initially nervous about the move, and sad to leave the team of girls she loved, she has enjoyed playing for Utah. “My favorite part is how well the club is run—I feel like a professional athlete,” says O’Hara. “I guess I never realize that I craved that—it’s awesome. I’m so, so thankful—it takes your game to another level.”

Unfortunately its not about patriotism and representing our country. It’s only about the self-glory and ego a few of them have. I feel bad for the rest of their teammates.