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Anti-Israeli Protesters Brandish Flags Of The Soviet Union, Beat An Elderly Jewish Man And Sexually Assault A Girl While Chanting Allahu Akbar (Videos & Photos)

Pro-Palestine demonstrators clashed with pro-Israel supporters at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square during an event calling to “commemorate the 73rd year of the Palestinian catastrophe.”

Video footage shows pro-Palestinian activists beating pro-Israel counter-demonstrators during a protest in Toronto on Saturday afternoon.

Several pro-Israel protesters were violently assaulted and injured by pro-Palestinian protesters at a counter-demonstration in Toronto on Saturday afternoon.
Video footage on social media filmed close to the site of the demonstration at Nathan Philips Square in downtown Toronto showed a gang of pro-Palestinian demonstrators violently attacking an elderly man. A number of them were masked.

While attacking, the Pro-Palestine mob threw glasses and pelted stones on the Jewish people while chanting Allahu Akbar.

They also sexually assaulted a girl!

Videos below:

Twitter user EliKohn3 said they talked with one of the Jewish girls who were attacked, the old man in the video was taken to hospital for treatment. The girl told EliKohn3 that she was molested while trying to save the man. “They threw rocks, water bottles, and glass bottles at us. The Police were escorting us to the parking lot where our car was. At the parking lot, I saw an elderly Jewish guy getting jumped. They pulled his hair, and as he turned around, they jumped. They beat him with sticks. Then I yelled at them, and one of them kicked me while another grabbed my breasts and made kissy noises. Then he ran off.”

Like that wasn’t enough the anti-Israeli protesters also brandished a flag of the Soviet Union!

Via Getty: Anti-Israeli protesters brandish flags of the Soviet Union. Image below:

Not one mainstream media reported about the incidents that happened yesterday.

The tension between Israel and Palestine has escalated after Hamas launched an aerial attack on the Jewish nation. On Tuesday, Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas unleashed massive airstrikes against Israel, firing hundreds of rockets inside the country. The country’s air defense system, popularly known as Iron Dome, intercepted the continuous barrage of rockets targeting Tel Aviv and central Israel.