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Antifa Protesters Mace, Beat Elderly Man Unconscious – No Police


Violent Antifa protests are breaking out in Portland, Oregon, following the pre-planned “End of Domestic Terrorism” event taking place in the city.

More video has emerged of Antifa’s activities in Portland, Oregon and this one is more brutal than the previous videos. In this one, shown by journalist Andy Ngo, an elderly man is maced and beaten unconscious as crowd of Antifa surrounds him.

One of Ngo’s videos also shows protesters attacking a bus, appearing to attempt to pull people out of the vehicle:

I back the police, but to see this happen I don’t know why those officers are not protecting the people’s they have sworn to protect.

There are nor officers in sight.

And the Portland mayor said that they are well prepared for the protests.

At least 13 people have been arrested during the demonstrations, police told CNN. This number should have been a lot bigger.

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    • Actually, there is NOTHING that the President of the United States of American can legally do about this, other than to make statements.
      See the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. The president’s hands are tied.

        • That’s a totally different matter. That’s within the purview of the Executive Branch, specifically, the State Department.

          • As the State Department falls directly under President Trump, he could actually deliver a directive to that department. However, as you stated, more than likely … that ain’t gonna happen.

  1. The National Guard should be sent in to clean them out. This is obviously the mayor’s work. The mayor needs to be removed. The police have been told to stand down. This is anti-American and against the law in Oregon.


      • A pile of no nothings that will run when a force of AMERICANS show up and tell the Mayor and Governor to stick their beliefs up their a$$ and real citizens take down these lawless POS little boys. Need to take some real VETS in and clean house! these cowards will run!

    • People continue to state that the police have been ordered to “stand down”. Whether or not that is the case, that is an illegal order. If someone, sworn to protect the peace and enforce the law, is paid to “enforce the law and protect the peace”, and they do nothing, while observing such atrocious illegal acts … it’s the fault of the police … NOT the mayor. There is only one reason that this goes on … it’s due to COWARDLY cops …. FAR too afraid of being injured by some morbidly obese woman. Again, whether they have been commanded to “stand down” or not … it’s the COWARDLY cops that are at fault.

    • The National Guard is a State Military Force who is commanded by the Governor, who is a Socialist Kate Brown, as is the Mayor of Portland. What needs to happen is what we did in June 1967 when Mitt Romney’s father was Governor of Michigan and could not bring Law and Order back to the city and it was a war zone, Johnson deployed both the 82nd Abn and the 101st Abn to Detroit to restore order, it took us less than a week when they couldn’t do it. That is the only way this shit is going to end ANTIFA must be declared a terrorist organization and deal with them every time they raise their head like what took place yesterday.

    • The problem there is that the Oregon NG is under control of Gov Kate Brown who makes the mayor of Portland look legit.

    • The problem is like Vietnam. The VC would strike, then receed back into the population, making identification nearly impossible. Hence the need for enforcement of anti mask laws.

    • Legally armed US patriots need to legally take out the terrorists and those who support them.

      This violence should be taken on by the Federal Government. No one is above the law, including the mayor of Portland. US Martials should be on the streets, and the DOJ should be taking on the Administration. If that does not work, send in the US Military. These are terrorists and the US Military is there to protect the country.

      US Citizens need to legally arm and legally shoot dead ANTIFA members when they attack. Their masks will not save them. Only when there is enough ANTIFA blood legally flowing in the streets will they stop. Only when the Portland mayor and others in the Administration are either legally shot dead or in prison will they stop encouraging violence by terrorists.

      • “These are terrorists and the US Military is there to protect the country.”
        Cannot be done. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the U.S. military taking action in any domestic disturbance. The governor DOES have the authority to utilize the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. However, if the governor takes no action, the President of the United States of America can NOT legally do a thing, other than make statements.

        • Posse Comitatus is worthless feel good paper that applies only to the Military . The FBI , CIA, NSA , DOJ , IRS , Homeland Security , POST OFFiCE , and other Government agencies can deputize as many armed Men as they so desire , grant them powers the police can only imagine and stomp out Left Wing Progressive hate groups any time the President desires.Does it really matter if Antifa is shot to death by a military bullet or one under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture ?

          When the FBI , The State of Illinois, Cook County Sheriffs department along with the Chicago police department spent many years trying to get Al Capone . They finally called the IRS and Two weeks later Al Capone was shot in the back.

          Think about that before you think Posse Comitatus will save anyone.

          Note: Post office included above as a reminder that Obama had the Post office , Social Security , Department of Agriculture , etc Buying BILLIONS of Rounds of ammunition and arms .https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/usps-ammo-purchase-federal/2014/04/14/id/565541/

          • I didn’t know that Capone was shot in the back. I do know that he was imprisoned for tax evasion charges .. and that, after his release, he died at his Florida mansion, where his mind had regressed to that of a twelve year old from syphilis.
            When and who shot him in the back?

          • The Comment about Al Capone being shot in the back is based on a old memory of a video . Al Capone and another man were leaving a building , Two others approach from the rear and call out ” Mr. Capone ” just as he starts to turn there is a gun shot.
            Being unable to produce proof of the event allow me to withdraw the comment and apologize.

          • Hi, mikeinMarland. No reason for an apology … Capone may have been shot … I have no idea. The only reason that I asked was due to curiosity . I’m an old fart (Medicare Card ‘n all), but I still learn something new almost every day. Only problem .. bein’ an old fart … I forget most of it before the day is out.

          • Nobody shot Capone in the back. It took more than two weeks of investigation to indict and convict Capone in a court of law. In fact, if he had hired tax lawyers instead of criminal defense lawyers he may never have been convicted. The fine the government was wanting to levy against him on what they thought was his income was peanuts compared to what he was really raking in every month. A good tax lawyer would have just advised him to pay the fine and move on.

          • If you could actually get President Trump to direct the State Department to classify those fascists as domestic terrorists, the fecal bureau of izslumification, U. S. Marshalls, et al could strike them. The could be arrested and tried. The could be convicted and sentenced … the final step would be their imprisonment. Big question is ….. Will President Trump do it?

  2. In Portland, the mayor and citizens will be cheering the beating. Boycott Portland!!!!!

    My business has already cancelled previously scheduled shows in Portland. We were seriously considering opening an office there, but that too has been cancelled.

    As long as Portland is part of the insane terrorist dum party, we can find safer places to do business. Screw Portland and those who live there supporting the insanity.

    • I live outside Portland but it used to be a fun place to go now and then. The zoo, outdoor markets, museums etc but that was at least 20 years ago. I won’t go in to Portland for any reason now. It’s a cesspool.

  3. Jesus H. Christ on a crutch people…if you go to an event where the antifa girls are expected, why in hell aren’t you carrying? That’s just stupid.

  4. The police, and the mayor in portland are also analtifa, what would anyone expect. I use to have respect for police, not any more.

  5. Antifa needs to be treated like ISIS, I won’t be pushed by them if so I will immediately retaliated will my sidearm…

  6. These are not police in Portland. They should be required to turn in their guns and badges. I’ve never heard of a group of police allowing such mayhem. No wonder I have such a low regard for police. A burglar or mugger could (and have) attack me and I wouldn’t call the police. They are as useless as Obamacare. I’ll take care of myself.

  7. every one should Know by know how corrupt Oregon is , hell they shot and killed Lavoy Finicum in cold blood for NO REASON ! We need to clean up the corruption within our Govt and our Legal systems …this is no small thing , its huge and its all the govts fault …they have put themselves above the law and we can’t have a country without law and order ! We trusted these Politicians and our legal system and when our backs are turned they became the biggest criminal organization in the world ! Why can’t people see this ?

  8. It is so very sad, but it seems all of our West Coast and all the major cities are lost to socialism/communism. These people were brainwashed by the education system and mass media to follow a death cult. Blind to the lessons of history, even recent history in Venezuela.
    We will find ourselves required to break away. They have made it clear they will not tolerate our existance. Once they have starved after eating all the zoo animals we can repopulate. This time with strong controls over education and media.

  9. I watched a live feed of this yesterday and saw that man getting beaten by four to five thugs who then proceeded to just hang around. Not concerned one bit about being caught.
    So there is video of the beating taking place and the people that did it. It’s been swept under the rug of course. Does everyone think he just tripped and fell?

  10. This is exactly what our enemies wanted to see happen…America breaking down into chaos and anarchy.

    This is 100% the cause of the democratic party…The democratic politicians order the police to stand down…Antifa is nothing but a terrorist group…and the President needs to declare them as such…

    We once lived in THE safest and most free country on Earth…We all lived within the rules that governed polite society. We all believed in God.

    Then the democrats began to spread their bullsheet lies and twisted truth campaign…Teaching millions of young Americans…that violence and thuggery…are great…and Antifa was born…

  11. The only positive thing about this is that it shows antifa is to scared to take their tactics out of the blue cities. They don’t have the cojones, the bravado, the skills or the desire to do more than terrify the blue cites that have a police departments that believes in the social justice wimp movement. If they ever decided to try their nonsense in a red city, they would find a completely different reception.

  12. Yes, the police were well prepared. They were well prepared to stay out of the area and do nothing at the orders of their superiors. I cannot imagine the angst the police felt in this situation.

  13. I cannot fathom why some of these Antifa thugs haven’t been shot by some citizen legally CCW. If I had been on the bus, there would have been multiple of them laid out in the street. This rioting by anyone must be stopped by what ever means.

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