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Brace Yourself America – High School Forces Kids In Band To Play In Green Igloo Bubbles (Photos)

Children and young people are far less likely than adults to get severe cases of COVID-19 infection, and death from the pandemic disease among children is exceptionally rare, according to UK research published last summer.

A study of COVID-19 patients admitted to 138 hospitals in Britain found that less than 1% were children, and of those fewer than 1% – or six in total – died, all of whom were already suffering serious illness or underlying health disorders.

“We can be quite sure that COVID in itself is not causing harm to children on a significant scale,” said Malcolm Semple, a professor of outbreak medicine and child health at Britain’s University of Liverpool, who co-led the work.

“The highest level message really has to be that (in children with COVID-19) severe disease is rare, and death is vanishingly rare – and that (parents) should be comforted that their children are not at direct harm by going back into school,” he told a briefing.

Global data on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic shows that children and young people make up only 1-2% of cases of COVID-19 worldwide. The vast majority of reported infections in children are mild or asymptomatic, with few recorded deaths.

For this study, published in the BMJ medical journal, Semple’s team looked at data from 651 babies and children under 19 who were hospitalized with COVID-19 between Jan. 17 and July 3.

The six children who died all had “profound comorbidity”, the researchers said, and this was a “strikingly low” fatality rate compared with a 27% across all age groups – from 0-106 years – of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the same period.

The study made in Britain was also accepted as relevant here in our country!

But only four states—Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska and Maine—have any public schools remaining open as the coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of students out of their schools.

Education Week reports that as of Monday night, March 23, 46 states have closed all their schools in response to the coronavirus.

The closures have canceled classes for at least 123,000 U.S. public and private schools. At least 54.8 million school students have been affected.

The United States has more than 98,000 public schools and at least 34,000 private schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

But one Washington school decide to go one step further.

Wenatchee is the county seat and largest city of Chelan County located in Washington.

Wenatchee High School is now forcing their students in a band to play their instruments from their own green igloo bubbles.

And only half of the band can practice at once.
Wenatchee is in the middle of the state.

Photos below:

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This is what happens when parents can’t or won’t draw a line.

This is child abuse.