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Did Joe Biden Use The N-Word? The”President” Fumbles During His Latest Speech And Is Accused Of Racism On Social Media (Video)

Many on the Internet noted that when President Joe Biden was reading a speech to the Virtual Munich Security Conference, he might have reportedly slipped and used what could be mistaken for the N-word.

In the 18-minute 22-second-long video at the 15:33 mark, the users could hear what seemed like some mumbling that sounds like a racial slur. Biden said, “Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. I am eager to hear, n*gg*r (sic) here next from my good friends and outstanding leaders such as Merkel (German Chancellor) about her thoughts and the way forward.”

The closed-captioning also caught Biden’s slip up.

Video below:

Did sleepy Joe drop the ‘N’ bomb randomly in his speech?? did anyone else catch that?” one user commented under the video on YouTube. “He slipped the N word on black history month!” another user wrote.

“Did…did he just say the “N” word? He did…ok…and no one is concerned about him just randomly blurting out racist remarks?” one asked. “”Ni*****d here next’ lmfao where’s the outrage,” another commented.

And so, many comments under the video of the president’s debut before an international audience since taking office called him out for the alleged use of the word. Even on Twitter, people were raging.

Several social media users called out President Joe Biden for his remarks. However, the US President did not bother to issue a clarification or cite an apology for casually used the word ‘n*gger’. One Twitter user wrote, “When the “N” word is ok…ONLY if you’re Joe Biden.”

Another user pointed out the hypocrisy of the left-liberal lobby and emphasised that Donald Trump would have been ostracised for the use of the word. “Don’t worry guys, Joe Biden saying the N-word was just a mental typo…Imagine if Trump had this sort of misspeak,” tweeted Owen Carruthers.

Another user pointed out the US President’s history with casual racism. “Joe Biden said “poor kids and white kids”, he said Black people and Hispanics don’t know how to use the internet, now he says the N word because he is senile… America is so much better than electing a joke of a person like this,” wrote Dean.

Biden seems to be out of touch and is using very strange rhetoric.

During the CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper on February 17, 2021, Biden said, “Not everybody in the community–in the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts–know how to use–know-how to get online to determine how to get in line for that Covid-19 vaccination at the Walgreens or at the particular store.”

Following social media backlash, he issued a clarification saying that he was referring to the older members of the two communities who aren’t tech-savvy. The Democratic party President has earned the nickname of ‘sleepy joe’ for speaking gibberish and losing track of his own speeches on several occasions

Will the mainstream media address this and can Joe Biden issue an official apology if he said this by mistake?

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