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Video Reveals How The Media Tries To Show That Biden Is Doing The Interview Alone – When He Fumbles They Are Forced To Expand The Frame And Put Jill On Camera


Joe Biden spent the past two days conducting blunder-filled TV interviews and speeches.

It was expected that Joe Biden was going to be a gaffe machine. That is, after all, the long-running joke about the avuncular former vice president—one that Democrats, and the Onion, generally found endearing right up until the moment Biden launched his third presidential run.

Still, the velocity of self-inflicted wounds has been remarkable, prompting whispers about Biden’s age (78) and mental agility. It’s not just his penchant for expressing antiquated views on political civility but also his spouting off confusing strings of numbers during his last public appearances. The gaffes seemed to accelerate in the past week.

Yesterday while speaking in Houston at the end of his Texas visit Biden’s speech went from bad to worse.

Joe made a mess of his written speech as he couldn’t pronounce his fellow Democrats’ name.

Joe Biden: Lizzie Panilli, uh, excuse me, Pannill, and uh, what am I doing here? I’m going to lose track here. And, uh… Mayor Turner…

So he ended up asking himself “what am I doing here”

The fake news media tried to protect him and didn’t even report about this “incident.”

They are doing damage control and during studio interviews, they have his “handler” Jill helping him finish the interviews.

The video below shows a clear example of why Biden can’t do a one-on-one interview. Notice how the media crops out Dr. Biden from the image to make it appear President Biden is doing the interview alone? When he fumbles they are forced to expand the frame and put her on camera to help him recover.


Journalists who play this game are deeply anti-American. The most powerful nation in the world deserves a powerful President.