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Breaking: New Videos Reveal That The Jihadist That Killed 2 In Brussels Is Killing More People On The Streets And Here’s Why

It was first reported that two people have been shot dead in central Brussels by a gunman said to have claimed he was a member of ISIS.

The victims are reported to be have been wearing Sweden football shirts ahead of a European Championship qualifier match against Belgium.

Based on images taken by a local resident, a man can be seen wearing a bright orange jacket and a white helmet, holding an automatic rifle, and climbing onto a scooter to flee the scene. He reportedly shot first at someone in the entrance hall of a building before firing at two individuals in a taxi. According to Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws the two victims were from Sweden.

In a video posted on social media, a man believed to be the attacker pledged his support to the Islamic State and talked of “murdering infidels” and “avenging the Muslims”.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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Others were said to be hurt in the shooting, which took place at around 7pm local time. The attacker has not been arrested.

Only one mainstream media outlet reported that the gunman shot two people in a hallway, before targeting two more who were in a taxi.

In reality more videos come from Brussels where the jihadist kills more people and there is no one to oppose him!

Here’s another video that was sent to us just a few moments ago:

More videos:

Here’s his message before he killed dozens of innocent people:

The mainstream media says that the attacker wasn’t identified but that’s not true:

The Islamic terrorist is identified, he’s currently at large in Brussels after shooting dead 5 civilians in the name of Allah.
He’s the 45 year old Abdesalem Lassoued.

The match was abandoned after Sweden’s players decided not to come out for the second half. Fans have been kept inside the stadium.

The city is under attack and there’s no police officer on any of the videos that you can find on a social media!

Counter-terrorism detectives have taken charge of the investigation, according to French news site Le Figaro. Belgium’s terror alert has moved to its highest level.

How come when terror alert has moved to its highest level there is no one to stop this madman!

The video below is new and it comes three hours after the attack:

And he’s still roaming on the streets!

The mainstream media fails to “identify” the terrorist which could enable his capture.

And let’s not forget the Second Amendment is perfect for situations like this one.

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