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On The “Global Day Of Jihad” A Terror Attack Was Caught On Video In Broad Daylight In Beijing – Watch How The Chinese React

Witnesses reported hearing screams and saw a man carrying a knife after the attack outside a supermarket in the Chinese capital’s Chaoyang district.

Police say they have detained a 53-year-old, without giving details such as his nationality, while the embassy says the victim is being treated in hospital.

An Israeli employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked today,” a foreign ministry statement said, adding that the attack did not take place at the embassy compound.

“The employee is being treated at hospital and is in stable condition,” the statement said.

A video posted on social media and geolocated by AFP to an area around a kilometre and a half (roughly 1 mile) from the Israeli embassy in Beijing shows a man brandishing a knife repeatedly stabbing another man, with blood visible on the pavement.

The man with the knife can later be seen leaving the site, weapon in hand.

In another video in the same location, security staff are seen questioning people and making phone calls.

A man then rushes in on a bike to where the blood-soaked and conscious victim is sitting, shouting “ambulance!” to onlookers.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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The most important thing is that no one is coming to help the am who’s being stabbed while the terrorist attacked the man!