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Deja Vu – Cuomo Ends The Call By Saying: “I did not have a sexual relationship that was inappropriate” (Audio&Video)

A female reporter has claimed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., touched her inappropriately and made her feel uncomfortable in an attempt to impose his power on the young journalist, making her the seventh accuser to come forward with claims of sexual harassment against the governor.

“I never thought the governor wanted to have sex with me. It wasn’t about sex. It was about power,” Jessica Bakeman wrote. “He uses touching and sexual innuendo to stoke fear in us. That is the textbook definition of sexual harassment.”

The New York magazine piece written by Bakeman, titled, “Cuomo Never Let Me Forget I Was a Woman,” offered a first-person account of sexual harassment allegations against the embattled governor, who is now facing calls for his resignation by high-profile Democrats.

“After two accounts of sexual assault, four accounts of harassment, the Attorney General’s investigation finding the Governor’s admin hid nursing home data from the legislature & public, we agree with the 55+ members of the New York State legislature that the Governor must resign,” tweeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What the mainstream media failed to notice is the fact that he ended his speech in a really strange way:

“I never harassed anyone, I never abused anyone, I never assaulted anyone, and I never would,” he said. “I’m not going to resign. I was not elected by politicians. I was elected by the people.”

“What is being alleged just did not happen,” Cuomo said the allegations of groping in his executive mansion. “I have not had a sexual relationship that was inappropriate. Period.”

Audio below:

This ending feels like deja vu and we couldn’t compare the similarity between Cuomo’s ending and Bil Clinton’s ending back in the 90s.
On Jan. 26, 1998 Bill Clinton famously told the nation, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”
Watch the former President below:

Clinton later confessed that he did indeed have an “improper physical relationship” with Monica Lewinsky, a 24-year-old White House intern.