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Did Maxine Waters Admit the Green New Deal Is Not to Be Taken Seriously?

Rep. Sean Duffy brought an amendment to discuss the pros and cons of how the Green New Deal will impact middle-class homeowners.

Duffy’s amendment would have changed the wording of one line of a financial services committee budget and views resolution to be in line with the Green New Deal’s call for “maximum energy efficiency” and “zero-emissions.”

Maxine Waters reacted to the amendment, which was only introduced to help strengthen the Democrat’s cause, by proclaiming: “[W]e are dealing with a very real homeless crisis in this country, and this amendment is not taking it serious,” Waters said before asking her Democratic colleagues to vote ‘no’ on Duffy’s amendment.”

“Is the gentle-lady chairwoman saying that the Green New Deal is not serious?” Duffy shot back. Waters said “you are not serious” before reclaiming her time.

“I beg your pardon,” Waters replied, visibly angered that someone dares challenge her.

Duffy responded: “You said this is not serious. Are you saying that the Green New Deal is not serious? I just want to make sure so I can get a gauge on that.”

“You are not serious,” Waters continued to claim, knowing she was caught calling an amendment based on the Green New Deal not serious.

To which Duffy again replied, “This is my amendment. Are you saying that my amendment isn’t serious?

Democratic Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay called Duffy “hypocritical” and Duffy’s bill “ridiculous.” Clay said there should be a serious discussion about how to make public housing energy-efficient, so people can save on utility bills.

“How dare we try to make a game out of this, I think it’s ridiculous,” Clay said.

Duffy replied to the committee, “I am delighted to hear my good friends across the isle say this isn’t serious, because it’s not serious. Your’re right.”

Duffy then said he thought both sides had a good working relationship when it comes to housing but he took offense to be accused of not being serious and hypocritical for wanting to introduce and discuss and amendment to the bill.

If Maxine Waters and the Democrats won’t take Duffy’s amendment seriously they must not take the New Green Deal seriously.

Unsurprisingly, Duffy’s amendment was unanimously defeated. Every Republican and Democrat on the committee, including Ocasio-Cortez, voted against Duffy’s amendment to the committee budget resolution.

Watch the video:

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