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Diseases Carried by Invaders

by Daveda Gruber:

Invaders are trying to get in the U.S. with a multitude of heath problems that spread easily. On Thursday Tijuana’s Health Department warned that the potential ‘Invaders’ are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues.

Out of 6,000 migrants who are currently residing in Tijuana, over a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues which are contagious.

Reporters in Mexico are saying that there are numerous confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four (4) cases of HIV/AIDS and four (4) separate cases of chickenpox.

There are at least one hundred and one 101 migrants who have lice. There are multiple instances of skin infections.

On top of this, there is also a threat of Hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions.

The Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico Port of Entry is capable of providing for one thousand (1,000) people.

At this time there are thousands of people there and there is a threat Hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions.

Coughing and spitting by migrants is widespread in the shelter. With only thirty-five (35) portable bathrooms, a sign is up saying, “No Spitting” is in plain view.

On Tuesday Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said the city has enough money to assist the migrants only for a few more days. The city said it is spending around $30,000 a day.

Gastelum said during a press conference, “We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana. We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.”

Due to the living conditions and problems, some migrants are reportedly self-deporting.

Around eighty (80) left on Tuesday. An additional ninety-eight (98) were deported by Mexican immigration officials for their involvement in Sunday’s demonstrations that turned violent.

There are six hundred (600) known criminals in the group.

There are some who have decided to accept offers of temporary work and asylum from Mexico.

Most of the migrants still remain committed to entering the U.S. with their diseases and all.

The United States cannot take care of all of these people who mostly do not care how they get into the U.S.

More Caravans have already started their journey to Invade the U.S. I believe that Mexico must take care of their southern border.

These people were lied to and told that it was easy to get into the U.S. Does that mean that Americans have to pay for these people who will infect us will disease? I think not. I understand the humanitarian aspect but our children must be kept safe before we help others.

America First!

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