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DNC’s Tom Perez Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Cowards,’ Will Be ‘Judged Harshly’ (Video)

Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez fits right in with the Clinton mentality of insulting Americans.

Hillary was known for calling half of America “deplorable” and paid a hefty political penalty for it.

Now it seems Tom Perez is picking up where she left off, to make sure the Democrat candidate will lose miserably in 2020, by calling Trump supporters “cowards.”

“The thing is, they are cowardly. I mean, history will not only judge Donald Trump harshly, it will judge Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, and all the other cowards who refused to stand up to this president and allowed the party of Lincoln to die,” Perez said at an event on Monday.

Watch the video:

Townhall reported:

“Look at Lindsey Graham – it’s pathetic.”

Dean David Weil also asked Perez to analyze the 2016 election a bit more and explain to the audience how Trump became president. Perez admitted that the Democrats didn’t do their part in organizing and maintaining President Obama supporters in swing states. Yet, he added that voters were unfortunately persuaded by Trump’s lofty promises that he’d bring their jobs back.

“He said he had your back but actually he had a knife in your back.”

“He twisted it again last week,” Perez continued, by again pledging to upend the Affordable Care Act. Republicans have gone along with that campaign, too, he observed. Instead of helping keep the price of medicine down, such as insulin, the GOP was busy passing “the most reckless tax cut in American history” last year, he charged.

Perez’s announced last month that Fox News will not be allowed to host any 2020 Democratic primary debates.

So it seems Democrats are doing everything in their power to squash dissenting voices while making these types of horrible, hateful comments about hard working Americans.

They have no desire to make America better, only to spread hate, lies and fears.

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