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Here Come The “Biden Bucks” — Here’s What It Means For You!

The Economic Security Project, a progressive nonprofit, unveiled a “Biden Bucks” website.

Launched in 2019 by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and other left-leaning activists, the Economic Security Project says its mission is “to consider new, bold ways to make our economy work again for all Americans.” The group publicly lobbied for the administration to dispense additional direct payments.

“Biden Bucks” however is something totally different and it’s like “Obamacare” on steroids and could possibly mean the death of the U.S. Dollar as we know it!

Bo Polny has been telling you about it for over a year now.

Basically, this is it: the U.S. Dollar is dying and is soon to lose its spot as the world reserve currency.

And that is a VERY bad thing.

Biden and his cronies want to institute something called CBDCs, where the banks and the Federal Reserve will essentially merge into the Federal Government.

The Federal Government will then issue the money and control where it goes.

And they’ll put stipulations on it.

This means they get to tell you where you spend your money!

Jim Rickards and the Strategic Intelligence team have launched a new marketing campaign featuring “Biden Bucks”.

In a video and text presentation, Jim Rickards describes how Joe Biden is planning to introduce trackable money into the United States, putting your freedom and life savings at risk.

Jim Rickards believes Joe Biden and the world’s elites are teaming up to launch a trackable version of the United States Dollar.

Here’s how Jim explains the upcoming crisis:

“Where were you on March 9, 2022……when President Biden signed the death warrant on American freedom? On that day, in a hushed ceremony at the White House……without the approval of Congress, the states, or the American people…Biden signed into law Executive Order 14067.”

According to Jim, Executive Order 14067 gives Joe Biden the power to replace the United States Dollar with a “trackable spyware version”.

Jim calls Executive Order 14067 “the most treacherous act by a sitting President in the history of our republic.” He believes Joe Biden’s actions have set the stage for the government to spy on all United States Dollars. That means the government will be able to view all bank accounts and purchases.

Some of the problems with Executive Order 14067 and Biden Bucks include:

Legal government surveillance of all US citizens
Total control over your bank accounts and purchases
The ability to silence all dissenting voices for good

Jim blames the Democrats and Joe Biden for this issue, claiming it’s part of a concerted war against freedom:

“In this new war on freedom, the Dems aren’t coming for your guns. No, they’re thinking much bigger than that…They’re coming for your money. And it’s already started.”

Some of the other issues linked to Biden Bucks include:

The United States Dollar will be made obsolete because of Joe Biden’s Executive Order
The cash currency we have today will be replaced by new, programmable digital tokens that Jim is calling “Biden Bucks”

Jim claims “few outside the Deep State” recognize Joe Biden’s actions for what they really are

If Jim’s predictions are correct, then Joe Biden doesn’t just want to create a digital version of the US Dollar: he wants total control of all American citizens

If Biden Bucks are introduced, then the United States government will be able to track and record every purchase you make

Check this out from financial guru Jim Rickards prediction labeled “Biden Bucks,” Executive Order 14067, and US Dollar “Spyware”:

People are having a good laugh but sadly the concept is very real:

AMTV had an excellent broadcast on this:

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