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Migrants Hijack Cargo Ship That Rescued Them From Drowning (Video)

A cargo ship was hijacked by a large group of over 100 African migrants after rescuing them from a sinking ship off the coast of Libya on Wednesday.

The migrants demanded they be taken to Europe rather than back to Libya.

From The Sun:

MIGRANTS have hijacked a merchant ship which rescued them off the coast of Libya and it is now sailing towards Malta.

Nationalist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini branded the migrants as “pirates” after it was announced they were heading towards Malta.

Mr. Salvini said: “These are not migrants in distress, they are pirates, they will only see Italy through a telescope.

“This is clearly a case of organized crime.

“Our ports remain closed.”
The vessel, the Elhiblu 1, had originally rescued migrants who were on a sinking ship after they had attempted to migrate via Libya.

The rescue boat was to then return the migrants back to the country.

It was then that the migrants took control of the tanker to stop them from returning to the country.

There are reports say that the military has been deployed.

Europe already allowed to come over and full of millions of same pirates, another hundred won’t make any differences.

There are some Europeans who think these criminals should be given asylum and free money!
Can first world people really regress to such dumbness?

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