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Reagan’s biographer just fired off an angry tweet at Ocasio-Cortez and her response is disgusting

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After being accused of historical ignorance by a noted right-wing activist and conservative biographer of Ronald Reagan Alexandria Ocasio Cortez decided to respond in a disgusting manner!

Craig Shirley, chairman of the grassroots conservative group founded by the former Republican president, Citizens for the Republic, and the author of numerous Reagan biographies, started the Twitter feud with a series of posts.

He started with “There is no evidence that @AOC ever picked up a book on President Ronald Reagan” and continued by then listing various accomplishments and policy positions that presumably would surprise the young representative from The Bronx.

Among the unknown achievements by the late president that Shirley cites are Reagan’s advocacy of statehood for Puerto Rico, his signing of the bill authorizing the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, his appointment of a record number of African Americans to state positions when he was governor of California, and his economic record of tax cuts for the rich and supply-side “voodoo economics.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded to Shirley’s list with a disgusting statement.

Her reply demonstrated that she doesn’t know the real Ronald Reagan she knows what Nancy Pelosi told her:

Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on fire these days. When she opens mouth, she sinks Democrats.

Could not ask for a better ambassador for the Democrat Socialists.
In her political career, who lasts only a couple of months, Ocasio-Cortez has become known for making completely false statements, lying, and having a hard time understanding basic concepts and principles.

Today she went one step further she decided to attack one of the best Presidents of modern America and she couldn’t be more wrong!

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