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Roger Stone: ‘Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper and Clinton All Lied Under Oath,’ So Why Are They Coming After Me?

When the deep state came for patriotic journalist Roger Stone, he was lucky to leave his home alive. They sent in a legion of militarized thugs, hoping to catch the pro-Trump libertarian gun rights advocate off-guard to stage another Ruby Ridge for the CNN cameras who were tipped off to the whole charade.

Stone has been very vocal since he was released on bond shortly after his Friday morning arrest. He provided an exclusive comment to Defiant America regarding his ongoing railroading by special investigator Robert Mueller.

“I find it outrageous that [Former CIA Director John] Brennan, [Former FBI Director James] Comey, [Former FBI Deputy Director] Andrew McCabe, [DNI Director James] Clapper and [Dirty Bitch Crooked Hillary] Clinton all lied under oath to the Congress and none of them were prosecuted,” Stone said. “Yet I did not lie to Congress and am being subjected to a frame by the special counsel. The hypocrisy is stunning!”

Stone is telling the truth about these Democratic Party liars and the double-standard they receive from the federal government. Our system of justice has become a two-tiered mockery with certain liberal elites being openly above the law while the rest of us get screwed.

Clapper lied under oath infamously when being grilled by Sen. Ron Wyden (R-OR) over illegal NSA spying revelations leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013. It is still a mystery as to why he is not in prison:

To further bolster his case, Stone is not lying when he claims that Comey, Brennan, McCabe and Clinton are proven liars as well. The video evidence is overwhelming:

While Stone is accused of process crimes designed to keep Mueller’s doomed witch hunt against President Trump going a little while longer, there are actual villainous individuals out on the streets still walking free. With the jackbooted display against Stone – who is undoubtedly one of the men most responsible for Trump being in the White House – the message is sent: Stand up against who’s really in charge, and Soviet-style gangsters will come for you and your family!

Perhaps it will take a ‘Yellow Vests’ style of uprising to push-back against this orgy of institutional corruption, but it cannot come soon enough. And after it does happen, free Roger Stone and put him into power post haste!