Home Culture Watch: Welfare Leech Brags About Stealing From Taxpayers (Video)

Watch: Welfare Leech Brags About Stealing From Taxpayers (Video)

Welfare leech brags about stealing taxpayer money

The idea that I have to work 14 hour days and be punished for it by my own government, who takes my money and gives it to this disgusting person, so she can keep sitting on her ever-spreading ass while raking in free money is appalling.

A feckless, self-serving, uneducated disgrace. A complete waste of cells that would be better served sitting in a prison cell for welfare fraud, welfare abuse, wasting public funds, and if ever there was ever an investigation, child abuse would most likely turn up in the mix as well.

One cannot imagine a greater example of where liberalism is right now and how it has warped the minds of woman, like this flailing, hate spewing harpy.

This is the epitome of a progressive woman—a substance abusing, stair squatter who spreads her self-destroying DNA exponentially, while dumbing down it’s spawn with it’s own inanity, greed and fabricated self-importance.

Watch the video:

Via Conservative Tribune:

A viral clip uploaded to the internet depicting a Brooklyn mother and welfare leech bragging about raping taxpayers of their hard-earned money is a must-see video for any naive liberal who

“What you gonna say?” she said. “Welfare b****? Food stamp b****? Well, (this) welfare b****, food stamp b**** still got more than you, b****, and you working 9 to 5, b****!”

The video may be seen in its entirety here, though be warned that it contains a litany of profanity.

The average liberal would likely shrug his shoulders at the video and falsely claim that the potty-mouth welfare leech pictured in it represents an anomaly in the welfare system. He would be wrong — very, very wrong.

believes unchecked welfare somehow benefits the country.

“F*** the government,” the woman, who identified herself as a mother of three, proudly hollered at the camera. “F*** Trump. I’m gonna rape that s*** sitting on my ass.”

She continued by bragging about how she lives the high life courtesy the government, all while everyone else works eight or more hours per day to eke out a living.

Despite fraudulent assertions by the leftist media, which continues to claim welfare fraud is rare, the abuse of social services costs American taxpayers billions annually.


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  1. I couldn’t stomach this it’s too early. For those that don’t understand disabled white guys don’t hardly get squat. Once pregnant with kids the benefits go up astronomically! I grossed about 2,000 a month as a union laborer, and could take in almost 2/3s that much in benefits back then with a wife and 3 kids.. Today with housing assistance, food stamps hospital insurance, and maybe monetary assistance, is it still 2/3s of a union laborer. Wages have stagnated for almost everyone but the union. A welder back then made comparable wages to union lMyaborer, now they start welders around $15$ an hour. Union laborer makes 25$. Minimum wage back then was approaching almost half union wages now it looks closer to 1/3. A minimum wage job is enough to barely keep you off welfare, you add in transportation, and you can make more tax free money staying home. My disabled daughter is trying to go to work, and looking at the figures, I can plainly see she will be losing money. This system is rigged. I knew a black man in the 70s that had 6 kids, worked for the government, and he did not live with his wife, SHE MADE MORE THAN HIM!

  2. What a lazy, low class, stupid, foul mouthed sorry excuse for a woman! They should lock her butt up and make her work on a chain gang, make her learn correct English and wash that mouth out with soap! She is too stupid to know she is embarrassing herself and showing her fat a**! What a LOSER!!

  3. Should be fairly easy to find the original post & figure out who these gutter trash are, then report them & send the state the video evidence.

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