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The Prosecution Did Not Even Address The Video Clip From Chauvins’s Lawyer Where Floyd Said “I Ate Too Many Drugs” (Video)

The trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis officer charged in George Floyd’s death, is continuing Wednesday after the prosecution this week has called a parade of Minneapolis police officials to the stand who have condemned Chauvin’s use of force as excessive.

Instead of closing ranks to protect a fellow officer behind the so-called “blue wall of silence,” some of the most experienced members of the Minneapolis force, including Chief Medaria Arradondo himself, have testified against Chauvin.

On Tuesday, Sgt. Ker Yang, the Minneapolis police official in charge of crisis-intervention training, and use-of-force instructor Lt. Johnny Mercil became the latest department members to testify as part of an effort by prosecutors to discredit Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson’s argument that Chauvin was doing what he was trained to do when he put his knee on Floyd’s neck.

But Chauvin’s defense lawyers wanted to change the view on this case and decided to play audio of George Floyd allegedly saying “I ate too many drugs,” while being detained.

That was supposed to change the outcome of this trial.

The video clip was presented during cross-examination of Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jody Stiger, a paid witness for the state, who claims that “no force should have been used” on Floyd.

Video below:

Here is the clipped section of the video — from Kueng and Lane’s body camera videos — in which defense attorney Eric Nelson suggests George Floyd said “I ate too many drugs.”

Video below:

But it seems that the video wouldn’t help Chauvin a lot because the prosecution did not even address the video clip during re-direct questioning.

And sent MN BCA Special Agent James Reyerson on the stand.

Also, here is the corresponding transcript which did not include an attempt to transcribe what Floyd said.

Remember, regardless, the jury is not seeing a transcript and they are not re-watching the clip over and over.

Images below:

As a reminder in the opening statements, Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney claimed that George Floyd died because of heart problems complicated by a drug overdose – and not because of a police officer’s knee on his neck.

A key autopsy report introduced as evidence in pre-trial motions reveals that drugs were indeed found in Floyd’s system.

Images from the report below:

Below you have a youtube link for the afternoon session:

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