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This Year’s CPAC Embodied The Spirit of Reagan

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 01: President Ronald Reagan speaking at CPAC conference. (Photo by Cynthia Johnson/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

When Ronald Reagan speaks, a room full of Conservatives tend to stop what they’re doing and listen. So was the case at the opening of CPAC 2019. The video for this year, which featured quotes from Ronald Reagan about the dangers of liberalism and the benefits of liberty driven conservatism, electrified the room for the several minutes it was aired. This video, which was aired many times per day, didn’t seem to get old or stale to anyone who was viewing it in the room. Each time the opener started, everyone fell quiet and seemed to be glued to the screen. Having Donald Trump echo the sentiments of Ronald Reagan, and discuss the importance of conservatism and small-L libertarianism appeared to almost ignite immediate and justifiable comparisons between the two men.

The goal of this video may have simply been to rile up the crowd and get them excited, but what it succeeded in doing was cementing the importance of Trump as president and focusing all who watched it towards one singular goal, which is making sure liberalism does not succeed in our nation, because if it does, it means our nation fails.

This video will be a hard one to improve upon next year at CPAC 2020, though given the success and fantastic production quality of this video, it would appear that those putting these videos together are up for the challenge.

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