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Trump Donor Targeted By Castro Raise $1 Million For President Trump Since The “Exposure”

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Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro — the twin brother of 2020 candidate Julián Castro decided to use dirty tactics when it comes to President Trump.

He tweeted the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated the federal maximum to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

His actions had a reverse effect because at least one Trump donor said that he donated 1$ million more since the exposure of the list.

From The Washington Examiner:

R. H. Bowman told the Washington Examiner his fellow members of “Texas 44,” as the San Antonio-based donors refer to themselves, have been on a fundraising frenzy since Castro tweeted about them on Monday, “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”

Bowman, an attorney, said that didn’t go down well with he and his fellow donors.

“My phone’s been lit up for two days with calls from many of the Texas 44 and others of our friends here in Texas who are outraged by Castro’s comments,” Bowman said. “It looks like another million dollars is now headed to support the Trump 2020 campaign from those of us who were targeted, and other Texans, including Hispanics, incidentally, whose resolve to support [the president] is only strengthened by this personal attack.”

Castro played and he lost because hid actions have spurred donors to give more than $1 million toward Trump’s reelection effort in recent days.

Julian Castro defended his brother’s tweet listing the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated the maximum to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The presidential candidate and former San Antonio mayor told KSAT-TV in Iowa those people built their wealth off of the Hispanic community and used that money to support a president he said is creating hate messaging against that community.

“Joaquin did that, as he said, as a lament that in our city, that is more than 60 percent Hispanic, you have companies — whether it’s Bill Miller’s or others — that have built their whole fortune off of the Hispanic community, that have a lot of Hispanic employees that are putting that money into the pocket of a politician, Donald Trump, that is putting ads on Facebook calling it an invasion and fostering hate and division toward the Hispanic community,” Julian Castro said in the television interview.

Steve Scalise decided to share his opinion on Castro’s bad political maneuver.

“People should not be personally targeted for their political views. Period. This isn’t a game. It’s dangerous, and lives are at stake. I know this firsthand,” Scalise tweeted.

In any case Democrats dirty tactics are old game that will not have success anymore.

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