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Trump Gave His First Statement After He Arrived At G7 Summit And He Sounds Optimistic (Video)

President Donald Trump arrived in France on Saturday morning after an overnight flight from Washington.

His first stop was a sunny patio for lunch across from his host, French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We actually have a lot in common, Emmanuel and I. We have been friends for a long time. Every once in a while we go at it a little bit, not very much. We get along very well, we have a very good relationship. I think I can say a special relationship,” he said, sitting on a terrace with Macron.

“So far so good,” Trump continued, shortly after his arrival for the three-day summit of major industrialized nations. “We’ll accomplish a lot this weekend.”

The summit promises to be a fraught event, with friction over trade, climate change and Iran likely to snarl the leaders’ talks.

Watch the video of his arrival:

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