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Video: After Dominion Defied Arizona Senate’s Subpoenas A Dominion Whistleblower Has Stepped Forward And Allegedly Revealed That The State Has The Passwords And The Machines Can Be Connected To The Internet

Officials in Arizona’s largest county and Dominion Voting Systems on Monday announced their defiance of the state Senate’s latest round of subpoenas, continuing a feud that started last year.

Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors decided in a closed session not to deliver any more election-related materials or information to the Arizona Senate, despite a judge earlier this year ruling subpoenas from the body lawful.

Jack Sellers wrote this letter:

Dominion outright refused to comply with the subpoena, saying in a letter that the request “violates (the company’s) constitutional rights and … exceeds the Legislature’s constitutional and statutory authority. Doing so would cause grave harm.”

Dominion also objected to public records requests made by the Arizona Senate seeking records from its company. CEO John Poulos told Langhofer in a missive that Dominion is not a public body and therefore “has no obligation to make its records available for public inspection.”

He also alleged that security keys and passwords needed to access some levels of the machines used in Maricopa County—the ones the county claims it does not hold—are not public records.

“Accordingly, because the Law has no application, Dominion will not produce or allow inspection of the materials requested,” Poulos said.

Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a warning to states regarding voting laws and audits, a clear dig at the election audit in Arizona.

And now an internet sleuth with a huge knowledge of the last presidential election named Code Monkey Z decided to drop an alleged bombshell video that allegedly reveals that the Dominion CEO lied under oath and that the state has the password as well as the fact that the machines can be connected to the internet!.

He posted this late last night on his Telegram Channell:

As a caption for the video he wrote this:

A whistleblower reached out with footage filmed of the Dominion Election Management System inside an election center in one of the states that used Dominion software and hardware (not Arizona).
As you will see in the video, the whistleblower initially discusses with a Dominion employee about who holds the BIOS password and it is discovered that the STATE is keeping the password – not Dominion, and not the county.
Later, the whistleblower asks the Dominion employee about connectivity and whether or not the machines can be connected to the internet…

With just 1 minute and 17 seconds, we expose their most egregious lie.

Video below:

If this is for real then the Dominion CEO lied under oath, and the machines can be connected to the internet.

In response to Maricopa County and Dominion’s letters, Arizona GOP state Sen. Wendy Rogers is sounding off and calling for major actions.

“I would have arrested all of these people already if I had the power to do so. I vote to arrest. Arrest and put them in solitary,” Rogers tweeted.

As a reminder, Arizona has hired Cyber Ninjas to conduct the audit.

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