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Video: “BLM Reparations Demonstration In Palo Alto” – “Mostly Peaceful Joggers” Steal $250,000 In Merchandise While The Police Did Nothing


A gang of grab-and-run thieves descended on the Louis Vuitton store at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto this week and stole an estimated $100,000+ in pricey handbags.

In the second such incident at the mall in less, than a month, a group of 11 suspects came to the store and stole 36 Louis Vuitton bags, each of which can cost thousands of dollars. The suspects then fled in five waiting vehicles, and while they were seen on camera leaving the scene, they were all wearing facial coverings and hoodies — much like a gaggle of thieves who hit the Neiman Marcus store at Stanford Shopping Center on May 19.

They’ve stolen over $250,000 overtime and $100,000 in this one Louis Vuitton store.

The police reported that witnesses were only able to describe the suspects as males and females, possibly in their late teens or early twenties, all wearing face coverings, police said. No one was hurt and no weapons were used, police said.

The five vehicles used in the getaway were a gray Lexus sedan, a gray Infinity SUV, a white Audi sedan, a black four-door Hyundai sedan, and a red two-door Honda sedan.

However, a witness was able to photograph one of the suspects as she fled through the mall carrying stolen handbags.

Image below:

Witness photo of a woman running through Stanford Shopping Center with stolen handbags from Louis Vuitton store, June 7, 2021. (Palo Alto Police Dept.)


Local reports claim that these are the same people that looted stores in the area during the BLM riots.

Investigative reporter Ian Miles Cheong also named the video as BLM reparations demonstration in Palo Alto.

Must be nice to be above the law because cities are woke and don’t want to get sued.

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