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Video: CCP Whistleblowers Reveal China Has The Technology To Cut Off Power To Ships Rendering The Controls Useless

Last year the US State Department has warned that China is capable of launching cyberattacks against critical United States infrastructure, including oil and gas pipelines as well as rail systems, after researchers discovered a Chinese hacking group had been spying on such networks.

A multination alert earlier this week revealed a Chinese cyberespionage campaign had been aimed at military and government targets in the US.

“The US intelligence community assesses that China almost certainly is capable of launching cyberattacks that could disrupt critical infrastructure services within the United States, including against oil and gas pipelines and rail systems,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a press briefing on Thursday.

“It’s vital for government and network defenders in the public to stay vigilant,” he said.

The Biden administration didn’t do anything about this serious problem.

Now a Chinese whistleblower came out with huge revelation!

CCP whistleblowers reveal CHINA has the technology to CUT OFF POWER TO SHIPS rendering the controls useless..

Remote towing technology was reportedly used in 2017 on the Hudson River in a direct attempt to harm a CCP whistleblower..
Video below:

Investigative Journalist Lara Logan wonders why government officials were so quick to dismiss terrorism as causing the bridge collapse in Baltimore. “I am talking to people who are on the inside, some who are on active duty, some who are retired, [and this includes] everyone, from critical infrastructure at the Department of Homeland Security to the intelligence agencies,” Logan told Steve Bannon. “They know this is a cyber-attack on a critical infrastructure corridor for the United States.” This Eastern Seaboard corridor, Logan said, is literally what connects the north to the south.

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