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Video: Chinese Woman In America Buy All Supplies of N95 Masks: ‘Nothing Left For the Americans’

China’s Communist Party lied to their own people and the rest of the world as they attempted to cover up the spread of the deadly virus.

Weeks after the Chinese government knew of the highly contagious disease spreading within their borders, the Communist Party’s leadership covered up and withheld information from their own citizens, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Early whistleblowers were censuredreprimanded, or went missing.

We all know that CCP which runs the Chinese government is corrupted.

But we didn’t expect any Chinese women in our country would follow their example.

A Chinese woman proudly filmed herself buying a huge amount of facemasks from multiple US supermarkets and loaded the masks onto her pickup truck. In the video, she can be heard saying “It feels so awesome to buy all the masks! I didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans!”

The woman shared video clips of her callous stunt on the Chinese social media site Weibo. The video was captioned, “So much fun shopping. Bought them all. Left nothing for the Americans.”

“They still don’t know about the purchase limit on masks,” she says while laughing. “I bought all the masks, the shelves are empty, you can see my sweat… I feel like a thief.”

The woman continues to cackle while bragging, “A full shopping cart!”

Allegedly, her now deleted Weibo page showed her going to Costco every weekend and dropping a few grand on items to re-sell at a very healthy profit to Chinese buyers.

Watch the video below:

English subtitles were added in the video so everyone can understand what she is saying.


The woman also has an arrest record for battery/domestic violence.

Other Chinese people were disgusted by her behavior and exposed her.

A Brooklyn man just got arrested for hoarding 80000 N95 masks. Selfish greedy people are trying to profit from other’s tragedies, regardless of their race.

Maybe the police should pay her a visit too!