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Video: Joe Biden Gets Brain Freeze During Afghan Speech – Kamala’s Reaction Speaks Volumes


President Biden said on Friday that his administration is focused on getting Americans out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31, but said that he was also committed to trying to evacuate as many Afghan translators and others who assisted the U.S. government — a goal he said was “equally important, almost” to evacuating Americans.

Taking reporters’ questions for the first time since Aug. 10, Biden said he believed that the U.S. could accomplish its mission of evacuating Americans and others by an Aug. 31 deadline, but that “we’re going to make that judgment as we go.” He also said the U.S. government did not have a solid tally of how many Americans were still in the country.

President Joe Biden continued to signal weakness at his Friday press conference on his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal decision.

The president took questions for a pre-determined list of reporters.

As always Biden was lost again and had some sort of brain freeze during his disgraceful speech!

Video via the GP:

More videos started circulating the social media and people suggested that our “President” is not mentally capable to lead our nation:

He also lied during his speech because he claimed that his administration has no indication that [Americans] haven’t been able to get to Kabul through the airport.

Even CNN debunked this even do they didn’t want to:

But our team caught the highlight of the night and that was Kamala’s reaction when Biden claimed that there was only “300 persons” in the Afghan military!

Video below:

The White House called a lid at 2:30 p.m. after this disaster!