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Video: Woman From Little Rock, Arkansas Was Filming The Tornado For TikTok Likes – Mother Nature Makes Her Regret Instantly

A video of a woman being pulled out of a building by a tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas, is doing rounds on social media. The clip of the woman is being shared on multiple platforms, where she is seen holding the camera and calling out to a man to come inside. She then watches the tornado from inside as it approaches the front door.

She wanted to make the perfect video for her TikTok account.

Soon enough, debris slamming against the building can be heard as the man and woman struggle to hold the doors shut against the powerful gusts of wind. The situation becomes dire as the glass on the door shatters, and the woman is seemingly dragged out of the debris as the man picks up the camera.

Video below:

The clip is one of several shared online from personal experiences of a forceful tornado that meteorologists believe traveled around 32 miles across Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday. As well as bringing widespread damage, the storms left a trail of power outages and overturned vehicles.

Potentially dozens of tornadoes took the lives of at least 26 people, according to the Associated Press, including four in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. Another woman was suspected to have been killed by a tornado in Madison County.

In the state’s capital, Little Rock, officials said over 2,600 buildings were in the path of tornadoes. In the Little Rock area, one person was killed and a further 50 were said to be injured, some critically.