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Video: After He Got Out Of Hospital Fetterman Does His First Post-Depression Interview And Raises A Multitude Of Questions – There Were Eleven Cuts In Under A Minute

Well, look at that. The “depressed” John Fetterman is finally out of the “hospital”. He wouldn’t have to return to the Senate for two weeks as they are on Easter and Passover break.

The senator released a statement indicating that he is excited to get back to work. “I am so happy to be home,” he wrote. “I’m excited to be the father and husband I want to be, and the senator Pennsylvania deserves. Pennsylvanians have always had my back, and I will always have theirs.”

The statement continued:

I am extremely grateful to the incredible team at Walter Reed. The care they provided changed my life. I will have more to say about this soon, but for now I want everyone to know that depression is treatable, and treatment works. This isn’t about politics — right now there are people who are suffering with depression in red counties and blue counties. If you need help, please get help.

It’s good to be a Democrat, though, and the press has been rushing to cover for him since day one. That continued on Friday with an interview with CBS News that did nothing but raise a multitude of questions.

Video below:

For starters, is this guy a US senator or not? I’m not trying to downplay his condition. Quite the contrary, but the Senate is not a place to battle depression, much less serious health issues that leave one unable to communicate. The question at hand isn’t how brave Fetterman supposedly is. It’s whether he can do his job, and he obviously can’t. That should be the top issue for every single person who interviews him. Instead, they lavish him with praise while helping him hide his actual condition. It’s dystopian.

Past that, a lot of people noticed where Fetterman’s eyes were going during the interview. Not only is reading the questions on some kind of monitor just off-screen (which CBS News is careful to not show), but he’s pretty clearly also reading his answers. His eyes stay glued to the screen the entire time, with only passing glances at the interviewer herself.

There were also 11 different editing cuts in the 45-second clip that CBS News released. Let me say that again. There were 11 cuts in under a minute.

Those edits weren’t just made for promotional purposes. They were cuts all made during a single question. Why? Because Fetterman takes time to read his monitor and often loses his train of thought. CBS News, instead of being honest with its audience, is trying to hide that fact.

This development comes after weeks of speculation from the media. Republicans questioned if Fetterman would be fit for office after having also suffered a stroke in 2022 and exhibiting cognitive issues. Earlier this week, a source told reporters that he would be returning to the Senate after its upcoming, two week recess.