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Disturbing Video: Snipers Spotted on Ohio and Indiana University Roofs as Pro-Palestine Protests Intensify – Here Are The Details

The violent pro-Palestine protests across various universities in the United States have resulted in suspension, eviction, and arrests of dozens of protestors.

It’s come to this at the Marxist indoctrination centers at some of this country’s universities. In Ohio and Indiana Universities, snipers were seen on rooftops protecting Jewish students from the violent, pro-Hamas college nazis.

However, we can confirm that at least one of the universities from the footage didn’t deploy snipers on their roof!

A video from Ohio University has gone viral wherein some snipers were seen on the rooftops of Ohio State University and Indiana Bloomingdale University on Thursday. However, the varsity’s spokesperson Ben Johnson in clarification said that the men seen on the rooftops are “state troopers in a watching position, similar to a football gameday.”

Video below:


The Ohio State University image has been clarified in the Lantern, which said no snipers were deployed. Through a university spokesperson, OSU said state troopers were “in a watching position, similar to football game day.” It also doesn’t look like any long guns are in the photo.


In Indiana, however, I’ll admit, at first glance, that does look like a rifle. We cannot confirm that image.

What did happen, however, was that over 30 students were arrested by police over their pro-Hamas rally (via Indiana Daily Student):

Indiana State Police and the Indiana University Police Department arrested 33 pro-Palestinian protesters in Dunn Meadow on Thursday during an hours-long protest and encampment. The protest was organized by the IU Divestment Coalition, a newly created organization calling for IU to divest from Israel, among other demands.

The protesters set up encampments in Dunn Meadow around 11 a.m., and by 4 p.m., IUPD and ISP descended on the scene, meeting the peaceful protest with physical force.

Before the physical confrontation, IUPD and ISP announced several warnings to protesters that arrests would follow if they did not immediately take down their tents. Around 1:25 p.m., an ISP trooper announced to the crowd that Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb was aware of the situation. In response to threats of arrest, some protesters took several tents down and consolidated the encampment, guarding it through a chain of arm-linked protesters who encircled the area.

Arrests began right before 4 p.m., and at least 20 protesters were detained within 10 minutes. IUPD and ISP forcefully removed several protesters from tents, dragged them across the field and detained them using zip ties. ISP pushed repeatedly into the crowd, pulling people back and clashing with protesters.

ISP officers — some in riot gear and others in green uniforms — were armed with assault weapons, guns with less-than-lethal rounds, shields and pepper spray.

This is way more common than people realize. One of the primary responsibilities of sniper teams is observation and providing situational awareness to everyone else. If you don’t believe these events present a danger and potential security threat you are gravely mistaken.

I had to ask anyway, WHY these snipers were never deployed during the BLM protests?