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Videos: Man Has a Stroke During the Trump/Biden Debate and Family Thought He Was Impersonating Biden – Family Sends Message to Sleepy Joe

A woman has gained widespread attention online after sharing a shocking and surreal experience during the recent Trump-Biden presidential debate. Her father suffered a hemorrhagic stroke with a grim 26% survival rate, and in a bizarre twist, the family initially thought he was impersonating Joe Biden.

In her viral video, she recounted the alarming incident with a mixture of disbelief and a touch of dark humor. “I don’t mean to laugh, but my dad just had a stroke watching the presidential debate tonight and my mom said he started speaking gibberish and staggering,” she captioned the video. “She thought he was just making fun of Biden.”

The situation took a serious turn as the family quickly realized the gravity of his condition. Her father was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke, one of the most severe types of strokes, known for its low survival rate.

In a heartening update shared on Friday, the woman reported that her father is showing signs of stabilization in the ICU. “This is the hardest form of stroke to survive. By the grace of God, he is alive and was able to speak a few words to us this morning,” she shared with relief and gratitude.

Despite the critical nature of his condition, there have been small but significant improvements. “He knows his name, me, my mom, where he lives, and can hold up numbers with his fingers.

He still cannot speak well and cannot walk,” she detailed, providing an intimate glimpse into the family’s ongoing ordeal.

The emotional toll on her father was palpable. “He thought he had been here a long time and was saddened to know he’s only been in the ICU for 12 hours. I can’t imagine how this all feels,” she reflected, capturing the disorientation and hardship that often accompany such medical emergencies.

Videos below:

@queentayshops she told the icu nurse and she laughed and tbh same #presidentialdebate ♬ USA – The Star Spangled Banner – American National Anthem (Instrumental) – Glocal Orchestra

President Biden came under scrutiny following a Thursday night debate performance where he stumbled over his lines and lost his train of thought numerous times.

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