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Videos: This Is The Guy Who Claims He Hacked GiveSendGo And He’s Allegedly Been Working With The Canadian Government

The fundraiser page of the Canadian Trucker protesters or “Freedom Convoy,” which has been protesting over COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions, has been frozen and appears to have been hacked.

Protesters had raised more than $8 million of funding to support their cause, as they blockade roads in the Canadian capital Ottawa and in Windsor, another city in Ontario.

Canadians donated $4.31 million to the protesters through GiveSendGo, according to the Canadian Press report. Americans donated $3.62 million, although more individual donors were from America than Canada, suggesting many Americans sent small donations as a gesture of support. The Canadian Press claimed that 56 percent of donors were in America.

The revelation, if confirmed, deals a blow to a campaign by Canadian far-leftists, most prominently New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh, to blame the anti-mandate protests on Americans. Singh personally has demanded that leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau act to contain the alleged malign influence of Americans in the country and named, among others, former President Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) among the conspirators. Singh has yet to provide any credible evidence for his claims.

It seems that another crazy liberal is behind the hacking of GiveSendGo.

Videos are slowly becoming viral online of the person who even tries to admit that he is behind the recent hacks!

Videos below:

A week ago GiveSendGo was made aware of this guy.

He’s been bragging about hacking GiveSendGo for a week already. The original video which this comment was in a response to was deleted. It was presumably him bragging more about hacking.

He’s allegedly been known to work for the Canadian government.

From National Justice:

A Canadian man who has publicly claimed credit for cyber attacks on free speech alternative website Gab and First Amendment domain registrar Epik has a history of being employed by the FBI.

Aubrey Cottle, who is also known by the nickname “kirtaner,” serves as a spokesman for the liberal hacktivist group “Anonymous.” Speaking to the media under his real name, he has strongly implied that he was at least partially responsible for the attack on Gab last February, as well as the leak of credit card information, personal addresses, and names of individuals who have registered domains on Epik in late September.

Cottle and Anonymous’ sudden reemergence has been convenient for the federal government. A number of Donald Trump-themed websites on Epik were being sought out in subpoenas by the Department of Justice related to the January 6th protests. If the Epik leaks are proven genuine, the FBI has found itself a short cut to the private data of political targets.

“Kirtaner” is a controversial figure in the hacktivist community, including among leftists. Frederick Brennan, the former administer of 8chan, has even stated that Cottle openly flaunts federal laws and appears to not fear any consequences.

According to a PDF iconcollection of screenshots published by a rival group of anarchists verified by National Justice, Cottle has a long-standing employment history with both the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Cottle, in his own words, has stated that he helped the FBI develop a child pornography honeypot and that he has dealt “often” with the feds.

In another exchange, he went into detail about being approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), and divulged that most young hackers are approached by the intelligence community to work for the state when they are identified.

To clarify, Amazon is totally at fault here. He exploited an Amazon S3 bucket leak that had been noted prior back in 2018 by a hacker who left a note. That doesn’t justify the Canadian and US taxpayer funding foreign agent attacking actual democratic freedoms. Over 46% of Canadians support the trucker protest, like it or not that’s a huge section of the working class. Now, the lives of those working-class people will be ruined because they supported a freedom protest. Thanks, Comrade!

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