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Watch: Obama In Silk Pyjamas! Michelle Dressed In Nightwear-Style Suit To Promote Her New Book In Paris

I once said:
I don’t know why, but she needs a job other than bothering us crying because she is no longer as important as she always thought she was.

And she did take a new job she decided to promote her lies in a book!

The event was billed as ‘an intimate conversation with Michelle Obama’.
Between life lessons and scathing humor, the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama revived Tuesday night in Paris this little “flame” that led her from a modest suburb of Chicago to the gilding of the White House.

She couldn’t have picked the worst time to tell jokes!

She did it while Notre Dame was burning!

She later even send her regards about Notre Dame after she finished telling jokes!

But what was a key point of the night was he outfit!

As the former US first lady strolled onstage in a loose silk trouser suit, her fans may well have thought they’d been invited to a pyjama party.

Mrs. Obama – more often seen in glamorous dresses at black-tie events – slipped into something more comfortable to promote her memoir Becoming in Paris.

When she entered the music was loud, the thousands of people who had paid their seats between 65 and 600 euros were demanding their rock star.
But later she decided to speak about her ‘disbelief’ at the blaze in the city’s Notre Dame cathedral
Watch her video:

She couldn’t look worse than this.

Do you agree?

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