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Two Young Males Attack Security Guard at McDonald’s, but Security Guard Has a Gun (Video)

A video is going viral of a security guard being attacked by two thugs at a McDonald’s in Chicago, but things go bad for the two thugs when the man pulls his weapon on them.

The video was recorded from someone inside the McDonald’s and shows two young males attacking a middle-aged man who appears to be a security guard.

The two attackers slam the security guard up against the side of the building while they punch and grapple with him.

One of the attackers picked up an object from the ground that was knocked away from the security guard. It appears to be a pepper spray canister.

The attacker with the canister holds it up, but suddenly he drops the canister and runs away as the other attacker walks into view with the security guard right behind him with his handgun pointed at his shoulders.

As the armed man stands and watches one of them pick up a backpack and walk away, the object the other attacker had, rolls to his feet.

The one who picked up the backpack seems to have got hit with pepper spray because he raises his shirt to wipe his face.

Both attackers walk away together.

It was later reported by the Chicago Police that the security guard is a suburban policeman who was on-duty for the McDonald’s restaurant. He was leading the two attackers out of the restaurant when one of them struck him on the head with a glass bottle.

Watch the video:

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